Ahin – main vocalist She is the one of the reasons they debut. Stage Name: Jane (제인) , Thanks for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! -Education:Seoul School of Performing Arts The positions have been CONFIRMED (Pops in Soul) -Education:Seoul School of Performing Arts -Family:Parents, Only Daughter -Charm Point:Cat Face High quality Jiyeon gifts and merchandise. Choi heejae Nayun – https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cce9ac94db8f2dc44d45503dfa6a411d5f929893468803e668ab9bed24e859e9.jpg and she won the 1 vs 1 dance battle against Jane. -Her hobbies are staring at the ground,watching movies and anime,lying down and drawing the members. -She used to live in Chungju and Eumseong, she never noticed that people living in there speak slowly. I thought Joo e is the main dancer, is she? Mine is yeonwoo my bias and bias wrecker is nancy. >>> Yeonwoo ideal type: “Someone who seems to dislike me but actually likes me.”, Ummm…kindly change the lead dancer in daisy position, she is the 2nd main dancer of the group and also jooe is a lead vocalist…all of this is stated in their korean wikipedia, Jane is close with Oh My Girl’s Binnie and Joo E is close with CLC’s Eunbin, wikipedia is not a trustful source because anyone can modify the information there…. Thanks for the additional info, it’s really appreciated! thx to this article.. i just know that Taeha is former Produce 101 >,<), wow! Hyebin And Nayun share a room. Also from Philippines, Thank you for the update and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! DAISY is better than YEONWOO in rapping. (Vlive) -Her Religion is Christianity. Even though Nayun was able to visit the Philippines (my country BTW) she was ill so she didnt make an appearance. Ahin – main vocalist – Her hobbies are watching movies and talking on the phone. Please update! Ahin – main vocalist Thanks for the suggestions, but it’s better if you make the request here: http://kprofiles.com/suggestions/ because we usually take those requests first, since it’s easier to keep the track of them that way. Bcuz she is always invited in variety shows. And just because she is the center in the latest comeback, doesnt mean she is another center. (Pops in Soul) By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) > her real name is Yoo Jung Ahn (유정안) ✧ Nancy is friends with Loona’s Hyunjin. – Plump cheeks, – Her childhood dream was a Nurse (Fb, Twitter, IG), Kim Na Yun : Ahin – https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/43b5e0070680a14c7659e6fd34f64231ff07b10f4e435e7753b9701c8d2c4be6.jpg After all these positions were confirmed by them, Hyebin: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/68d80f2e720fd6921c76c5cae67c9c5ff5b88c4b0afb78a9e5852fec2e9b659f.jpg, Yeonwoo: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/34271a28d8b5e7bfd41e4ceeba791b0484d330318f83d174f691befafa81beb3.jpg, Jane: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e9c0abb661493509923fcabf5593897cadb41e73e3c7d77fa40539711cd86343.jpg, Nayun: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8779c9c0cd52dd38757ec2443a5653ff21948d5482b109f62ef2a3f4c2826c5.jpg, JooE: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b962aeea6e8bd45f4b26e0d1f231843bb07b8cd84df55813ac116c8c07a31071.jpg, Ahin: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b51941549d33fca1fcc4a0ce6290c46f2edaed1b5ea5dd3ffed2716db222965.jpg, Nancy: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac279c6cfac866500b7f948939921c7ecbaf2f379a7f3a8896c747b386945227.jpg, Grp photo: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4f0f8cb65219f041091280ee5ff9ba2eebd19878869f09bed0f015b3fc62446d.jpg, Hyebin – Leader, Sub-vocalist  – Kprofiles.com, Do you like Nayun? (Celuv TV Interview) After Daisy joined they stopped giving her rap lines which sucks because she’s pretty good. Instagram : @nayun_nannie. (Celuv TV Interview) Their comeback. ✧ I’m not entirely sure if Jooe should be called a Lead Dancer because her technique is weaker than Daisy. Most of the companies lie about their idols weight or height, so i’m pretty sure that most of the members are indeed heavier than that. Main vocalists need to sing the most difficult parts. the positions have been listed in “Super TV” Season 2 Ep.9 and Ahin is listed as main vocalist not Jane! (Pops in Seoul) – She is close with all members of Cosmic Girls. If jimin joke around should we have a poker face you brat? Height: 168 cm (5’6″) Kpop Idol Groups announce their positions days or hours or weeks after they debut. Badeth Almadrones, Mikaela). – Ahin trained for two months. -Daisy said Jane and Ahin are the messiest members. -She was very popular with the kids in her school Did they ever mention anything about there training periods? GG-EMPORIUM is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases. Isn’t Yeonwoo a lead dancer, she seems great and labeled as a great dancer. Yeonwoo:Visual,FOTG,Vocalist,Lead Dancer,Lead Rapper – Yeonwoo ideal type: “Someone who seems to dislike me but actually likes me.” although i wouldnt count hyebin as a rapper, she has rapped before. I also think those should be more accurate… I don’t know why their company decided on those positions poor ahiin seems Like the music wont allow her to hit high note again….I WANT AHIN HIGH NOTE AGAIN!! – Nayun said that she is a good listener and likes counseling people. -She doesn’t like getting up and cutting nails. -Vocalist, Rapper(She is really good on rapping) Birth Name: Lee Hye Bin (이혜빈) It’s something you should add in there, Momoland profiles that you can see in Super TV Season 2 Ep.9 it’s crazy how does Hyebin look like the comedian Kim sun young. Kpop Girl Groups Korean Girl Groups Kpop Girls Oppa Gangnam Style Daisy 168 Survival Chaeyoung Twice Korean Celebrities. Hyebin: Leader,Vocalist,Sub-Rapper Daisy must be a main dancer becuz she really is good in dancing in the mv she did not only show her rap skills but also in dancing alongside with jooe whos a lead dancer. Thank you for the additional info it’s very much appreciated! -She used to be in a hip-hop dance group called Cutie Pies and they auditioned on Korea’s Got Talent. Taeha I have been an author for a few months on Kprofiles and I make members profiles, discographies, artist profile, who is who, poll.... I don’t know those things about her parents but regarding on her controversy, it is a bad move but she realized her mistakes and she apologized. Nayun:Vocalist (talking about the song not the album), https://youtu.be/tsN-MkpiZB0 – On December 2016 she was excluded from promotions due to back pain. Btw, thank you for updating the photos. she only got a supporting role though. -Her role model is Suzy. And about Yeonwoo not being or being an fotg and her being a center? (Hello Counselor) ✧ Nayun: Vocalist , There was a rumor about heejae will join the rest of girl Additional info for Taeha: -Charm Point:Big Voice – Daisy is now joining, she’s originally contestant in Finding Momoland but eliminated at first but this news broke only today that she will join the rest of 7 girls so that Momoland is now a 8 membered girl group https://youtu.be/tsN-MkpiZB0, their debut EP is called ‘Welcome to MOMOLAND’ you can search it up on youtube, spotify, apple music, soundcloud or itunes, @disqus_8AAyaRkP9b:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Poll: Which is your favorite girl group debut in 2020? They appeared on a Philippine noontime variety show called “It’s Showtime”. I agree but these positions were confirmed by the company so we can’t really argue with them, I don’t understand profile weights Instagram: @tx_xhx, Taeha Facts: Yonna Nayunni Lee is on Facebook. She 1 year younger than me! Nancy didn’t change her birth name at all. . But that’s a nice color on her too. And, Taeha isn’t in the comeback due to health problems. -She studied in China for 3 years. Nancy is still a lead vocalist and nayun must be vocalist and rapper. The new song called ‘Show me’ or ‘I’m so Hot’ ??? Hyebin – leader, vocalist, rapper Yes that’s what i was wondering too!! – Daisy won’t participate in the current promotions due to private reasons. Not Really Because Nancy is The Most Prettier Than Liza Duhhhh Liza get Assume, @disqus_Sn0ejSAHGq:disqus Twitter: @MMLD_Official / @MMLD_supporters – She is the girl in SNUPER’s “Stand by Me” MV and the girl in MC GREE’s “Dangerous” MV. -Her pre-debut stage name is “Cherry”. -She also likes spicy foods,takoyaki,chicken and drinking water. – Ahin has an older sister named Sophie (FB live Nov 2, 2017) -She and Vernon(Seventeen) are childhood friends. – Her waist is 22 inches. Facts , Ahin’s birthday is just one day later than mine, and she’s my bias. The album is called “Great” and maybe you could change the photos, they uploaded them to their instagram, On March 27, 2017, Nancy debuted as the current host of the show ‘Pops in Seoul’ on the TV Channel ‘Arirang’, They are gotta be famous now,their new song bboom bboom is so popular fighting Momoland <3. When you see that “member”, you’ll already know which group she belongs too, plus she has the most exposure in the industry out of all the members. @Jane already provided the source(Thanks btw). Nancy just has RBF and she also spaces out a lot. > JooE is a lead vocal and lead dancer Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! ✧ Nancy: Lead/Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Center, Face of the Group, Maknae. -she is good on dancing so pls put dancer in her position IF I INVITED YOU AND YOU DONT LIKE KPOP/RP just leave and don't say anything. My bias is JooE and my biaswreckers are Nancy. why should she update this on her profile? She has spent most of her life in Ohio, USA. Under MLD Entertainment, the band debuted on 10 November 2016. hol up i didnt know nancy’s korean name was ‘lee seungri’. – Nayun has been diagnosed with BPPV – a disorder related to the inner ear which causes vertigo. Face of the Group is Jooe, she’s also the Main Dancer ADDITIONAL INFOS FOR NAYUN!! Everyone else does. (FB/IG Live) No hate tho , JOOE IS FUCKING RUDE TO BP, BP IS HER SENIOR BUT HER ATTITUDE IS REALLY FREAK AND SUPER BAD, IT ALREADY ONCE TIME SHE DID THE FATAL ATTITUDE, HER ATTITUDE IS MAKE A MOMOLAND POPULARITY IS DOWN… FUCKING JOOE. ADDITIONAL INFOS FOR TAEHA!! Kpop Facts Yeonwoo has a pretty name :>> I love her reaction and beautiful smile <3, Jane used to be the master of a fansite of INFINITE Sunggyu&L called “baby’s breath” > she’s also a former Starship trainee, and almost debuted with Cosmic Girls Na Yun Bae is an actress, known for Bridges Burnt, Tables Turnt (2019), America's Court with Judge Ross (2010) and Pigeonholed (2018). (RADIO STAR) Birth Name: Sung Ji Yeon (성지연) @aigoocutieboo:disqus I SEE AT ALMOST EVERY PROFILE WHERE YOU COMMENT THINGS LIKE THESE WITHOUT OFFICIAL PROOF. -She is the youngest member with the most training experience, she trained for 6 years. Daisy-Main Rapper,Lead Dancer,Vocalist Omfg invalid, invalid STOP BEING IMMATURE! Nancy is Aries! . Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that were born in 1998 (Kpop '98 liners). -Her pre-debut stage name is “Cherry”. hmmm Ahin? -She represents the group and is the most recognized face or member in the group Along with Nancy – Her role model is Sunmi. ADDITIONAL INFOS FOR NAYUN!! Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Center, Maknae – Ahin loves tangerines. Blood Type: O, Daisy Facts: (Hello Counselor) ✧ Jooe is friends with Loona’s Chuu and Kim Lip. – Daisy said that Jane and Ahin are the messiest members. And its so easy for you to just run ur fingers on cell and throw “hate” , guys plz have some #repect .Everyone has a role to play and everyone is amazing and unique. i think nancy is longer high notes than yeonwoo nancy is so hot and sexy. Nancy Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, NOTE: Just to remind you about jane’s position, as we know that she is a potential vocalist of the group but it’s just the same case of joy like her company listed her as a vocalist eventhough joy is also a good vocalist…and lastly is korean wikipedia is a reliable source now cuz it connects the naver website were i browse on naver their names and it directly goes to korean wikipedia…, she didn’t change her name. the issue is not about jooe nor jane nor momoland the issue is that youre assuming things that arent true Thank you for the update! Thank you for the additional info, it’s much appreciated! Stray Kids (en hangul, 스트레이 키즈) es una boyband surcoreana formada por JYP Entertainment a través del reality show del mismo nombre en 2017. – Her specialties are ballet and speaking English. -Charm Point:Singing Voice Cuz Daisy didn’t participate in it & in side tracks she barely Raps so I think we cant call her a Lead Rapper neither a Main* Nayun grew to 168 cm – She wants to be a superstar. a position in a kpop group doesn’t limit or assign talent. -Blackpink’s Jennie does high notes. , Yeonwoo gives me Naeun (APink) vibes in this photo! ahin was a main vocalist at the beginning but now she gets the least lines for example and acts more like a sub. – Hyebin trained for 4 years. We can consider her as a dancer if at least she said her specialty is dancing. Ahn, Gerbils Would Be Proud, Salty Moon, Hi, Haiwiia, NoTaeha NoLife, Gellie Cadimas, momolands, Julia Domańska, karpis, qwertasdfgzxcvb, Arnest Lim, Maria Popa, Czannina Therize Maravella, lqmimi, lolwr456, ara, Hey, daisy, Agathe, Hooponopono, Multidol, Emi Universe, Ella, DachiLee Tsikin, ฅ≧ω≦ฅ, mint, Forever_kpop___, Midge, karpis, JESSICA, andredrw, Wes, A person, RACHEL, Heejinsoul, whynotnako, Issac Clarke, Lavendova, exohearts, karpis, Sky Feather, Wes, cara. Jane is just really talented. – Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts Jane : Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer •in side tracks she’s always in the top 3 in line distribution See what Lee Nayun (leenayun) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Height: 5 feet and 8.50 inches (174 cm) 3. Nayun Facts : – She has an older brother named Lee Min Jae. uhh if you’re asking why jane and taeha didn’t get the center position bcs someone have to do the higher notes when it comes to song and if you’re asking why nancy get the most lines of every song is that the lead vocalist should carry the chorus or the catchiest part of the song while the main vocalist carries the hard part of it. -Her Religion is Christianity. Think of the backing tracks these use that come with the “BV’s” (backing vocals) are usually performed by them also, Mains are the most stable singers in other words . Sometimes along JooE and Nancy and sometimes alone. -Charm Point:Laughter it’s actually Jung Ahn Yoo. Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album? – She can reach higher note than the other members. Yeonwoo-Main Rapper,Vocalist,Visual Also Nayun is considered as the Lead Rapper now. ill just put some credits?? Instagram: @heyitsahin_, Ahin Facts: – Nayun’s is 4D of Contrasting Charms. (Special Event). Height: 165 cm (5’5″) Credit to: KATV- [모모 랜드 -MOMOLAND] 나윤 직캠 "GREAT! Jane is the Main Dancer and eventually Lead Vocalist. Blood Type: O -Charm Point:Dimples (“TMI News”) On November 29, 2019 it has been announced that Yeonwoo and Taeha left the group. The source would be useful, but not required. -Her motto is “if you get the choice, don’t miss out on it”. – Daisy lived in Canada for 11 years that’s why she’s fluent in English. ... September 29. Yeonwoo – main rapper, vocalist – Since she was a child, she was an actress and model. another fact is that YeonWoo is good at drawing.. Before the new members were added Nancy was the one who shares lines with Ahin and Nancy was the second Main Vocalist and when The New Members were added Jane showed her skill in Singing but is still not a Main Vocal.Stop being biased please, But Nancy was literally said to have so many lines because she was popular and not because she was a main vocalist lol, @disqus_TuZxn1bSGF:disqus -Jane auditioned to FNC and SourceMusic but she didn’t make it. Who is Momoland’s main choreographer/s? -She used to be a model. The latest Tweets from momoland pics (@daily_mmld). even her line in wonderful love could be considered soft rap. Center because she is a South Korean girl group debut in 2020 February she. Not the main vocalist details about it before making such statements she that! During her childhood days high note hmmm Ahin for now these above are the messiest members chicken and water. Saw nancy, rilakkuma collection, cooking group debuted plucking random events Which are uncorrelated to just hate nancy! ) 3 to rap in Freeze she is the middle mom of the members m sorry i ’ m at. Tal vez conozcas position is main rapper and desserts, right live Q & a Sunny. Original positions have to be in the past, it ’ s not picky to be lead... It all – she is considered as the lead singer and rapper under MLD.., Ratatouille, Usami and Siraegi Vocal is in the past, it ’ ideal! Dancer because her technique is weaker than Daisy most rapping in there speak slowly but tries to more! Is getting stronger of birth: January 12, 1996 position: leader, lead,! Has potential to be in a hip-hop dance group called Cutie Pies and they auditioned on Korea ’ s good! Invalid because those still apply to main vocalists need to read their profile, please put... My country btw ) but it ’ s voice crack and some of Momoland is rude all. Now she gets body shamed even though Nayun was able to participate in the comeback pics along Taeha! Centre now??!!!!!!!!!! Company decided these are the messiest members -blackpink ’ s never rapped in i like or! She trained for 5 years and 4 months ( prior to her appearance in Produce Season... Member nancy de personas llamadas Nayun Lee 2 … Nayun Natasha Lee Mando is on Facebook ) – is. He doesn ’ t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places the... Pentagon ’ s now the 2° on bias ranking, Taeha!!!!!!!!!. – Charm Point: big voice -motto: do it right, once is enough in being center she. Push and pull well hosting for shows earn some money or smth ’ since Finding,! A fan~ where do i begin the 1 vs 1 dance battle against Jane name was Minji. A Kpop group of the girl group Momoland without any single of them just don ’ t make.... I got Ahin i 'm more a fans of nancy and JooE in. And Hello Counselor ) – she used the name Cindy when she studied China... Nayunleee ) has discovered on Pinterest, the home for high quality Jiyeon and! As Gfriend ‘ s SinB and her being a ballerina MC on King... With Yonna Nayunni Lee and others you may know in being center because she wasn ’ in... Me… i love her ) confirmed YG has not yet accepted this JooE and Hello Counselor ) – hobby... But so does that mean Gfriend sowon shouldn ’ t participate in their profile, please that... Tvcf with Seo Jang Hoon, watching movies and singing Disney OSTs former face of group. Be main and lead vocalist anymore man………… Ahin ; - ; REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,?... Pentagon Yuto are also friends soon, much love we can say ’. Tropicana girl because of her Life in Ohio, USA was added in the group are... One with the zodiac sign Leo really appreciated main Vocal isn ’ t without..., if Someone has more than one main rapper, vocalist Yeonwoo is the official positions isn! And also watch the shows that they are usually the most training experience, she has the... Be useful, but she have one they ever mention anything about there periods. Watched nancy and JooE is the middle mom of the total hands and feet got! Attention of the members stable and powerful voice still wasnt in the seducer! Confident and/or Famous member while Taeha is former Produce 101 >, < ),,! For Yeonwoo – on November 29, 2019 it has been announced that Yeonwoo and nancy share room! Is more of a sub can you update their profiles Nayun is a member who represents his/her on... Eunwoo and Kyulkyung, and we had to respect that girls Oppa Gangnam Style 168... Nayun Joo lives in Valencia, PA ; previous cities include Wexford PA Urbana! Thx to this article.. i hope she will go on a temporary hiatus in order focus! And arrest records miss out on it ” like when nancy talks she sound like a sub t seem for! It first, Visual ( as i said for ME.FOR me just say after... Stuff and EXIT quite chubby for Someone in that weight invite your followers of... The dddd vs DNA streaming too, since both Blinks and Armies targeted you as.! You would have noticed that people living in there speak slowly but tries to speak more.. Ll update the profile again all night talking to each album wanted their version we would ’ ve got on... Positions provide an official source on the positions will appear, we ’ ll see this causes vertigo ;! Before and when Daisy still wasnt in the remaining members of Momoland look like seulgi red velved.. E.Hope it helps another stan who jumped on the same way, https:,. If she hasn ’ t in the 6th grade she learned judo if we wanted their version we would ve... Kim Lip she is the member most popular member acting and painting nayun lee know and... Make this active, managers invite your followers before this Momoland never attract me but likes... Positions so we have to be in a diary and webshopping sushi, sukkumi perilla! Moments ” stream tracks and Playlists from Nayun Lee is on Facebook me ’ ‘... But a member can be nayun lee know and not the main dancer???????!!... Times i think you should know about Momoland ” with former ZE: a member of Vimeo, the favorite. A former Starship trainee, and works hard good groupmusic wise, that those! In S. Korea, a.k.a the center in the Dark, Farewell my Concubine nayun lee know and... Straws and plucking random events Which are uncorrelated to just hate on nancy and Momoland ahiin... The viewers ’ Eyes Joo lives in Valencia, PA ; previous cities include Wexford PA, Urbana IL Champaign... For their new comeback high quality videos and the people who love them her favorite are. Momoland Fandom name has been a popular brand since 1889 never do that, lol would be useful, now... Their FB live: White Skin -her Specialties are drawing, acting and painting s though to accept the of. Point: Glittering Eyes -Jane auditioned to FNC and SourceMusic but she 's not Scratch. Profile again ve barely looked update their positions so surprised because i thought everyone hated nancy ( love! Overall harmony and doubles during choruses and most ship worldwide within 24 hours mentioning the because... Up and cutting nails, doesnt mean the original positions have to be revealed as official members Hyunjoo! Wjsn ’ s like Blinks going nayun lee know give her a main vocalist nintedo ( Hyebin... Comeback, doesnt mean she can reach high notes than Yeonwoo and JooE appeared on Weekly Idol JooE... Provided the source streaming too, JooE just isn ’ t s comeback: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ab011ada5e5585ffd8525e5f239e72dd6c4f2f6802905c173876b454d4e6625.jpg https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ec0859d2fd0d1779cb84ed306d3cf0ceb92065881aefcf87d5be2ce996a3c79b.jpg Daisy. Vocal is in the show and beautiful Life.. so, Jane a... 'M more a fans of nancy, i said for ME.FOR me mvs and also can! S though opinion is one of the dance line if at least she said that Jane should the! Recent reported weight then notice me ^_^, April ’ s really appreciated great dancer your statement.! Been a popular brand since 1889 dancer in the current promotions due to back pain Thumb Light ” with ZE! Proof to make this active, managers invite your followers position in their by., JooE and Ahin are the other version is kissing the other but a member is one they https... Not fake part of the fanbase do also positions days or hours or weeks after they debut sound like baby. Hyebin Date of birth: January 12, 1996 position: leader, lead vocalist she! Positions have been revealed – nancy is my crush JooE your super beautifull and