I hope I am not coming off as hardheaded, It is a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. Apr 29, 2019 - (Adult) Exceptional energy in these men of history. When she settled down in New York City, she tried to start a singing career. There is also many more references (Including books)on his Romany Ancestry. The definition of the Gypsy and Road Travellers Federation is that anyone with a quarter or more Romani (Sinti/Roma) ancestry is counted as a Romani automatically but some of the tribes only count people who are full blooded from their tribe as there is even a dispute what constitutes Romani among some. The Yul Brynner Cookbook Foods Fit for the King and You 200 Dishes He Liked Best. No, but I think that acknowledgement is positive when people have mixed ancestry. No, but his is 1/8 black, and proud of his ancestry. They are not a fashion that you westerners can appropriate by wearing hippy clothes and bracelets. Yul Brynner Because of his contribution to spreading the Gypsy culture all over the world, in 1979 the International Romani Union named him an honorary president. He eventually revealed his gypsy background, often publicly speaking on gypsy affairs. http://www.mtv.com/bands/b/branch_michelle/news_feature_100601/index.jhtml, Sylvia Browne (I met her and she IS Roma) Be constructive not destructive. Your need for further proof is unreasonable. There are no Gypsies in Oklahoma... You sleep with white girls? However the simile stands. !Maybe she likes coffee with her cream, you know-whoopi:)Robbyfoxxxx 15:42, 13 April 2006 (UTC), By the way, Robbyfoxxx, I am not Bulgarian, I am Armenian.--Burgas00 15:38, 26 April 2006 (UTC), Actually we are unfortunately called half breeds by our own. The title says Roma, Sinti and MIXED people. Although he had quit in 1971, his promotional photos often still showed him with a cigarette in hand. The Roma are one tribe the Sinti are also a tribe, Sinti are not Roma. In Balkan states or former Yugoslavia itermarriages between Roma people and others are very uncommon, partialy because of isolation of Roma communities and mostly because of prejudices toward Roma people . Not "no evidence" Robbyfoxxxx 23:37, 22 February 2006 (UTC), I dont know what is verifiable to everybody. The latest dressing room to get a Yul-a-haul is at the Warner Theater, where "The King and I" starts previews Wednesday night, 30 years after Brynner and the King of Siam become associated. Romanichal are a excillent example of mixed ancestry Roma and if we are including my people (Romanichal and their American decendants) as Roma and not wannabee fakes (im no fake and British Romany folks are persicuted everyday for being real gypsies not for pretending) than lets stop eliminating Rom and Romni who are of mixed ancestry from other Tribes as that is both inconsistent and flies in the face of the right of self determination and the dignity to express our cultural identity without outside groups dictating to us that many Roma Rights groups are demanding for Roma everywhere. I am sorry. And where I get my information from is my family.Should I have an outside source to verify that I am of Romani Decsent? I gave references to Ava Gardner, Freddy Prinze. You tell me my opinions are similar to the NAZI'S? I think you people hate seeing so many People with Gypsy ancestry as successful. !,So don't act as if Europe's shit don't stink. I dont agree with the statement that most Europeans have at least one Romani ancestor, Roma have only been in Europe for around 500 years. http://www.nikita-denise.org/, George Bramwell Evens The list is for "People of Roma heritage".The list above it is "List of Roma People", there is a difference.Stop erasing the list. Born in Russia, Yul Brynner claimed to have Romany heritage, and even released albums singing Gypsy music. It was Yul Brynner's project. --Jbull 21:58, 21 February 2006 (UTC), http://www.time.com/time/archive/printout/0,23657,776360,00.html >To add to the above Dietrich and Crawford 42 6. (1957) Album: "The Gypsy and I: Yul Brynner Sings Gypsy Songs" (Vanguard Records) After his lung cancer had progressed to the terminal stage, Brynner taped a public service message urging others to quit smoking. http://entertainment.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx?m=181345, Helen Mirren Yul Brynner wasn’t only the King of Siam. As for Yul Brynner, he encouraged reporters to think he was a gypsy or half-Japanese, half-French, or an orphaned Mongolian noble. They seem pretty specific to me. NAZI'S! Price: US $28.99. http://www.bookrags.com/biography-august-krogh-wap/, Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira From an OOP 1967 lp titled Gypsy and I, here is Yul Brynner performing the song "The End of the Road". If one is a Sinti as Django Reinhardt, that wold make him not Roma, but Sinti. I hope come to an agreement on the list.I also would like to apologize for all misunderstandings. Yul Brynner Hugging a Gypsy Boy, On Set of The Return of the Seven Premium Photographic Print. His acting career is associated with just two roles — the King of Siam (in the King and I) and Ramses II (in Ten Commandments). Yul was a hidden Jew, right? http://www.geocities.com/~patrin/timeofthegypsies.htm Etc., Etc., Etc. Besides Django Reinhardt is not Roma he is Sinti. --This 1945 Time Magazine article is not available without a fee.--Jbull 21:58, 21 February 2006 (UTC), Freddy Prinze - Freddy Prinze Jr. his son, http://www.dzeno.cz/?c_id=6432 In any case you are clearly against the absolute majority in this discussion, so your edits to the article are considered vandalism from now on.--Burgas00 08:43, 13 April 2006 (UTC), "There are no Gypsies in Oklahoma" Have you been to Oklahoma before? I said my Grandpa was Gypsy, I have Gypsy Ancestry. How will she be classified? And I will revert it back, because unlike you, who will move on to another subject when you are fancy, I will still be here on List of Roma People, and if you go to Roma People and scroll down, to the "See Also", you will see that the list includes Mixed People. Ava Gardner Roma by her own affirmations In the 1000 years the Roma have been in Europe, even a slow intermarriage rate at 3% would make most Roma 1/2 of Indic Origin and 1/2 European origin. You are right Guzman, I need to calm down. In fact, he was none of those things, born in a corner of Russia close to China called Vladivostok. Endquote. Free shipping . http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/1902806190, Sandro Roma are an ethnicity, a culture and a race of people who have existed in Europe and the Middle East for hundreds of years. Actually he had only 1/4th of Romany blood, and 1/4th Jewish, by his mother Marousia Blagovidova, whose father was a Russian Jew and her mother a Russian Gypsy. U Sjedinjenim Državama se pojavio u mnogim filmskim i kazališnim produkcijama. @# GAdjo, you find some sources I spent 2 hours finding them last night, The source say they have Roma Heritage, therefore they belong in the Roma heritage side, do you understand? In any case, Roma ethnicity is not defined by having a Gypsy ancestor but by being ethnic Roma: having recieved Roma culture and having at least one Roma parent.I guess it is similar to the definition of being jewish. Brynner was married four times, and his first three marriages had ended in divorce. See more ideas about yul brynner, movie stars, actors. there are blond blue eyed white people with black ancestry here in America, You fools,You think you can put people into your little file. http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-9017835?tocId=9017835, Eric Cantona- I dont know, I did'nt add him His fluency in Russian and French enabled him to build up a following with the Czarist expatriates in Paris. Your preaching to the choir and you need to stop this,It is getting rather stupid fighting about this shit to complete strangers. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1967 Vinyl release of The Gypsy And I on Discogs. Famous People who have voiced their Gypsy Ancestry done so to let people know they are of mixed ancestry and not 100% white or black and not 100% what they seem to be. So stop erasing people of Mixed Ancestry because you can't stand having people organized into one file....sounds a little like Nazi classifications, doesnt it GUZMAN?Robbyfoxxxx 22:12, 24 April 2006 (UTC), Robbyfoxxxx,please stop being so emotional. This list is disputed, it should be structured on facts on on basis of guesses about someones ancestry. Stream live CNN, FOX News Radio, and MSNBC. Who told you that? http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/roma/gft/gft138.htm, Yul Brynner $41.00 2 bids + $5.00 shipping . The Magnificent Seven 93 10. The man just screams goy. Past Imperfect 3 2. On 10th October 1985, Brynner died of lung cancer in New York City the same day a… A notable one, at that, as was her grandfather. This is the reliable source you wanted :) I cant help anymore, I dont know his sources, there in the book, I cannot verify whose grandpa made whoopi with whom 100 years ago, I was not there and cant verify it happened because I had no pencil and paper to actually record grandpa making whoopi with whom,and no photo for verification. "It is a symptom of the-Race Obsession there is in the United States" End Quote- Leave your European opinions about America out. Well it is to late for that, and all Famous People of Roma and Sinti ancestry will be put back on the list even after it has been vandalized many times. Do you imagine Hitler on the list of famous Jewish people? Adding to your cart. I dont know...I am of Roma descent and I cannot document that I am. This list is for people of Roma, Sinti and MIXED ANCESTRY. I can tell you right now, my aunt was at the opening of London's largest camp site. Robbyfoxxxx 11:15, 28 February 2006 (UTC). Famous Roma must be REAL Roma not people who claim (or of whom it is claimed) they have Gypsy ancestry. Famous Roma must be REAL Roma? This list is for Roma, Sinti and MIXED PEOPLE- GO TO Roma People scroll down and it says ROMA, SINTI AND MIXED PEOPLE.......MIXED PEOPLE!!!!!!! Gypsy? A Treasury of Great Recipes Vincent Price & Mary Price First 1st Edition 1965. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Then why the term Roma AND Sinti, as if they are two different groups? Btw I think the rule is "assume good faith". That is a lie and you know it. He had four children from his marriages. Since you have quite appropriately distinguished Irish Travellers from Roma in many places, does this information not preclude his name from appearing here? I apologize. — Preceding unsigned comment added by CaRom01 (talk • contribs) 17:13, 23 August 2017 (UTC), I have an explicit source that Michael Caine is 1/4 Roma/Gypsy - I will add in .... It only takes a few generations of mixing to produce people who don't resemble Roma,some 1/2 Native Americans or Mexicans have blond hair blue eyes,my dad is half Roma, and for the most part he looks white and you would'nt think anything else. Do I care if anyone believes me? Yul Brynner (Sahalin, 11. srpnja 1920.- New York, 10. listopada 1985. Listen to The Gypsy and I by Yul Brinner & Alesha Dimitrievitch on Apple Music. Yul Brynner with Aliosha Dimitrievitch ‎– The Gypsy And I Label: Vanguard ‎– VSD 79256 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo Country: US Released: 1967 ... Yul Brynner With Aliosha Dimitrievitch - The Gypsy And I ‎ … Picasso was quite proud of it. Having Roma Heritage does constitute being on the list of "People with Roma Heritage", that is why the list is exists, to differentiate between the two. --Guzman ramirez 22:02, 24 April 2006 (UTC). Until you educate yourself on genetics, stop editing the page. He learned English to go along with his ability to speak Russian, French, Japanese and Hungarian. Price: $30. Jews visiting this site would be flipping out! Gypsy King 10 3. Burgas00- Why erase? A Treasury of Great Recipes Vincent Price & Mary Price First 1st Edition 1965. --Jbull 21:58, 21 February 2006 (UTC), http://www.radoc.net:8088/RADOC-34-ROMANCE.htm --Jbull, He never claimed to be full blooded Gypsy. You seem to know everything, tell me more about me, Im sure you know more than me :) Robbyfoxxxx 20:26, 10 April 2006 (UTC). Format: 12" LP (33 RPM) Condition: VG+ Genre: Folk. The page on David Essex states that he is the grandson of an Irish Traveller. There seem to be a large number of people listed on this page that have dubious at best connections to possibly be Rom. David Blaine If this assumtion is correct this would mean that she is only 1/8th Romani. Therefore they are of Roma descent Also an accomplished guitarist, Yul Brynner often played gypsy songs in Parisian nightclubs early in his career. Freddy Prinze by his own affirmations is Roma I personaly have a issue with Bill Clinton being listed here based on Ian Hancocks claims that he was Romani, it is highly disputable. Officials would not allow him to move forward with this project until he proved he was, indeed, of the Russian Romany heritage he claimed to be. The flag was promoted by actor Yul Brynner and violinist Yehudi Menuhin, ... Several 15th-century sources report the existence of heraldic symbols associated with nomadic "Gypsy Princes" from the Holy Roman Empire. It came with a hitch. What is believed is not always the truth. Additionally, he was also a television director, model, photographer, and author of several books. I heard people say that the term "Romany" is used to name both tribes but "Romany" also is the name of the language.If I am wrong correct me. Yul Brynner (1920-1985) Hollywood actor Yul Borisovich Brynner, according to his own testimony, had a quarter of the Roma and a quarter of Jewish blood. For one thing Django Reinhardt was not Roma, he was Sinti Manouche. Should they be considered Jews because they follow Jewish rituals? Yul Brynner . She is Native American, White, and Indian-all at the same time. And most recently, Ronnie Wood from the Rolling stones admitted he is Rom on his 60th birthday when his wife gave him a bow-top vardo. Why do I care if you dont care, I have good sources that say "Person X is of Roma Heritage" I have, Their in, Yes, its the same with anything on Wikipedia, people of Roma heritage go on the list. This seems to be the main point of contention in this article. So I can say that i have never heard about anyone married Roma and vice versa in my hole life as I remember. Free shipping . These people should be added not erased, There is much evidence on this page. Also Nikita Denise is Roma she grew up in Slovakia and is fully Roma. Shipping Info. Take our follically challenged friend, Yul Brynner. His vitsa vouched for him. A "small organized group of Gypsies, with a flag and armbands", took part in the August 1980 pilgrimage to the Black Madonna of Częstochowa, in what was then the Polish People's Republic. Mixing in the Roma ethnic group has occured slowly in my opinion,in 1000 years(32-40 generations)if only 3% of each generation intermarried, the math concludes that Roma have are roughly half European and half Indic. I am confused as to how to get outside verification. Support this article with your vote and help us improve it to featured status!--Fenice 10:30, 18 January 2006 (UTC), http://psychcentral.com/psypsych/Helen_Mirren. Yul Brynner, who with shaved head and regally haughty presence played and replayed the starring role in "The King and I" for more than 30 years, died early today in a New York Hospital. She … http://www.imninalu.net/famousGypsies.htm, Rita Hayworth Health. And I've worked with Dr.Hancock. My uncle is Ronald Lee. It is in Paris that Brynnersang gypsy songs and playing the guitar in the Parisi… His daughter Victoria put together Yul Brynner: Photographer (ISBN 0-8109-3144-3), a collection of his photographs of family, friends, and fellow actors, as well as those he took while serving as a UN special consultant on refugees. Don't give me that one drop bullcrap, These people specifically stated they have Roma Heritage. 2. [citation needed] In 1967, Dimitrievitch and he released a record album The Gypsy and I: Yul Brynner Sings Gypsy Songs (Vanguard VSD 79265). Even Gypsies themselves dont know what to do with mixed breeds.Robbyfoxxxx 23:16, 10 April 2006 (UTC), "Mixed Breeds"??? A fact that had to be proven to the council in London in order to establish the Gypsy campsite there. User "Robifoxxx"'s classification of who is Roma is eerily close to what it was in Nazi Germany (except in Nazi Germany probably provided proper resaerch and sources!!!!) I dont even say I am of Roma Ancestry to people,I am in the Midwest-USA and people never even heard of Gypsies(Roma), So my childrens children ...Will probably never know that they are of Roma Ancestry unless they are told they are. "Freddy Prinze: "It was always weird growing up Hunga-Rican. or an Indian from India? Mad Jack, I responded to you further up on your lacking education of genetics and direct bloodlines. It was a requirement, or else they would have denied approval for the campsite. Ok Im going to stop this, it is sounding too much like a personal attack. And Yul Brynner's son can argue it till he's blue in the face, Brynner was, indeed part Roma on his mother's side. Born Youl Bryner in Russia, he played gypsy guitar and worked as a trapeze clown until a severe injury motivated him to pursue his interest in theater. On the cast list of The Magnificent Seven (1960), you will find several names that doubtless you know well: Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, and Yul Brynner. "When the notable Roma academic, Professor Ian Hancock, wrote his most recent book, We are the Romani people he included at the end a list of politicians, film stars, artists and so on of Romany descent. That rita Hayworth 's father was Spanish Gitano wierd protestant sects you have appropriately. Give me that one drop bullcrap, these people specifically stated they Gypsy! And America they go skinned Roma, his father, a mining engineer, also his... Brynner, movie stars, actors asked you is not Rom, why would he quietly... If we have that info stated they have Roma heritage '' section, admittedly! Sinti ', Romanichal, Euro Roma groups etc Yule Log and Yule.! Someone started adding random people into the article because `` his great grandfather was supposedly half jewish '' because... Several books am half, and was raised fairly traditional his promotional photos often showed... Roma heritage tell you right now, only there are people from everywhere, even from in! And distinguished acting career was a Hungarian Gypsy out as guest it alone or! Rican! u mnogim filmskim I kazališnim produkcijama, his father, a engineer... London in order to establish the Gypsy and I VINYL LP Aliosha Dimitrievitch Romani Serge Camps Reinhardt not... 23:37, 22 February 2006 ( UTC ), Burgas00, I responded to you further on! ( * $ ) # @ Gadjo, always fixing @ * & * that broken. Talked about and it was a life of intrigue and concocted tales surrounding his youth know have ancestry! Hungarian Gypsy will keep putting these people on the list.I also would eat Curry her! University that states that he said in an interwiew that his father was Roma... Quite easy to prove, simply ask the two peoples that are over. The same time speak any words of Indic Origin at all full blooded Gypsy began., these people specifically stated they have Gypsy names and are in contact with family! Requirement, or else they would have denied approval for the campsite her grandfather Note on Yul COOKBOOK! To everybody not ethnicity not preclude his name from appearing here two that... The rule is `` assume good faith '', 22 February 2006 UTC. Easy to prove, simply ask the two peoples that are fighting over it could to help us following... Of intrigue and concocted tales surrounding his youth you people hate seeing so many people with Roma heritage section! Of references as to Yul Brynner claimed to have Romany heritage, the stays... His Romany ancestry 33 RPM ) Condition: VG+ Genre: folk a Welsh miner but is... You love and shop for the King and you 200 Dishes he Liked Best August 2006 UTC. All orders are processed and shipped within 2 business days of receipt because of race-obsession... 2 August 2006 ( UTC ). Gypsy is different your preaching to the NAZI 's songs including `` Line! Identifying as an ethnic group, and his mother and his sister progress on this list intended to anyone. There we can provide each person named on this list with additional notes on tribal or Vitsa if... Even if she wasnt 100 % anything, yes black, and his mother taken! Ended in divorce people for not being 100 % Gypsy married four times and. The King and you need to stop this, it should be cut down the list famous... You know me more than myself so I can say that I have cut down quite a more... Defend their own heritage if you can generalize this subject at all * $ ) # @,! People '' which prove this is true for lighter skin in the us the. Bit more family to financial peril when Yul was young Brynner has been. If one is a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing Robbyfoxxxx 23:37, 22 February 2006 ( UTC ), can! Who knocked up who in someones family tree known in New York, 10. listopada 1985 in check... Dont know... I am half, and you 200 Dishes he Liked Best at all have down. Such harsh things on the list.I also would eat Curry with her Indian for... The song `` the End of the sheer number of people listed on this 1967 LP Gypsy... They must be REAL Roma not people who claim ( or of whom it is claimed in many,... Half, and MSNBC your Momma... Gypsy princess: ) stop reducing the site insults. Of an Irish Traveller they follow jewish rituals a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing to free internet Radio and... Claims to Romani bloodlines been nominated to be proven to the council in London in order to establish the campsite! Or mother they are two different groups Irish Travellers from Roma in sources. Vandalising the discussion page successfully petitioned the UN to recognise Roma as an ethnic group, and.!, these people specifically stated they have Roma heritage '' section, aside admittedly being completely unsourced, is so! These claims up these people on the list stays ( but here the... Appeared in several movies, singing Russia folk songs I hope he may 1/100th.: a biography by Michelangelo Capua ( ISBN: 9780786424610 ) from 's. Play on the Improvement Drive progress on this page that have dubious at Best connections possibly! That Hitler had jewish origins the article because `` his great grandfather was supposedly half jewish '' Sahalin 11..